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How To Use Baby Diapers To Avoid Leakage Of Urine?

Baby diapers have replaced the status of traditional nappies with the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient wearing and practical use. The baby diapers are more and more recognized by parents and become a necessary product for countless infants and babies. Baby diapers are a must for babies to grow up. I believe many mothers have their own skills when choosing to buy them.However, some mothers feel very confused, why online praise constantly products, their own baby will leak urine when using it? Is the baby particularly active?

That's not necessarily, or maybe you can't use diapers correctly at all! How can you use diapers without leaking? Here are five tips!

1. Suitable size is the most important thing.

Baby diapers are usually packed with standard weight values for various sizes, but each size has a certain coverage and may overlap with each other.This is because different babies may have different body shapes, height, abdominal circumference, leg circumference size may be different.

Parents choose diapers not only by weight judgment, but also in the actual use of more observation.If the baby slightly loosened after wearing the diapers, then it is likely to be the size of a larger, more likely to leak urine.To make sure the baby doesn't leak, the right size is the first thing, but parents can't choose too small size, or it's easy to strangle the baby's thighs and waist.

2. Preventing back leakage, the back is higher than the abdomen.

Babies are more prone to leaks when sleeping, and mothers can be more careful when using diapers, in addition to the high waist design of the baby diapers when shopping.

First of all, the baby diapers spread out, placed under the baby's buttocks, pay attention to the back slightly higher than the abdomen, then the legs of the baby diapers pulled up to the belly button, the two sides of the magic stick firmly. This will be more effective in preventing urine from leaking from the back of the ass, in fact, it is the same reason as the use of sanitary pads.

3. Prevent side leakage, prevent leakage side up.

How many steps do you need to wear baby diapers for your baby ? Tear the diapers, put the baby up and paste the diapers. The three step is over ? No. Before wearing baby diapers, mothers also need to hold the leak-proof side of the folded part of the diapers with their fingers to make the leak-proof side stand up, so as to effectively prevent side leakage.

Leak-proof side guard is also called leak-proof side guard, which is a fold on the inside of the thigh to effectively prevent excrement from leaking along the gap between the thigh and diapers. In addition, after wearing diapers, mothers had better use their hands along the baby's thigh root rub a circle to ensure that the frills do not fold inward and adhere to the baby's leg, so as not to affect the leak-proof effect.

4. To Prevent side leaks. The magic tapes on both sides should be aligned.

Most of the paste areas are marked with scales (e.g. digital scales 1, 2, 3). When pasting magic stickers, mothers should not only choose the right scale according to the baby's waist circumference, but also make sure that both sides of the magic sticker choose the same scale, so as to avoid diapers not wearing askew and reduce side leakage possibility.

In addition, adjusting the Velcro on the sticker area can also adjust the tightness of the baby's thigh root. When the baby's thigh roots about a finger gap on the right, not too loose and not too tight, in order to maximize the function of diapers.

5. Observe urine wetness and change diapers in time.

No matter what brand or material diaper, there is always a maximum capacity. Sometimes it is not the performance of paper diapers is not bad, but the baby urine frequency is too high or urine volume is relatively large, has already fed the paper diapers in the water beads. Paper diapers capacity to the limit, there is no leak-proof effect can be said, so learn to change diapers in time is also very important.

Mothers can pay special attention when purchasing, and now many diapers will have urine wetting instructions. The wet urine indicator is usually the two yellow lines in the middle of the diapers. As the amount of urine increases, it turns green. When the whole line turns green, the mother will change the baby's diapers. But note that the wetting instructions of different brands of diapers may have different colors.

Even if the diapers themselves do not take wet urine instructions are not afraid, mothers can also start a wet urine reminder, the reminder sensor on the baby's diaper inside the lower layer, open the switch, baby wet urine will ring a music reminder. After changing the diaper, wipe the induction sheet with a tissue, then you can use it again, no longer afraid of baby leaking.

——Source from Diaper Concern

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